Calendar Functions (simpler leap year calculation)

Bill Wyatt wyatt at cfa.UUCP
Sat Sep 20 01:55:57 AEST 1986

[ mass quantities of simple vs. complete leap year calculations arguments ]
> No, really, look:  FIRST, decide the domain for the function.  THEN design
> the function to work well in that domain.  IF someone tells you that the
> function doesn't work for his problem (outside the domain of the function),
> tell him that hammers don't work for sawing wood, either.

Trouble is, in the real world, your function will be re-used outside its
proper domain, and by someone who has no idea your function is even needed,
much less not suited for his/her application. If the cost of doing it right
is small, then do it right. The trouble with that sentence is the problem of
determining the cost of not doing it right.

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