B+ Tree library - best one?

Don Mullen jwg at duke.UUCP
Mon Sep 1 02:46:30 AEST 1986


I am interested in purchasing a B+Tree file management system which
is written specifically for C running under MS-DOS.  The only
information I have is from various ads that I've read in computer
magazines.  Are there any reviews of such products that anyone
can steer me to?  Also, if anyone has experience with some of the
products, such as C-TREE, C-INDEX, CBTREE, dbVista, etc. I would
appreciate any comments you might have about their capabilities,
quality of source code, and documentation.


Don Mullen
uucp: ihnp4!mcnc!ecsvax!duccpc!ducall!don

Jeffrey William Gillette	uucp:  mcnc!duke!jwg
Humanities Computing Project 	bitnet: DYBBUK @ TUCCVM
Duke University

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