IEEE Singal Processing Routines

martin at minster.UUCP martin at minster.UUCP
Tue Sep 23 01:00:01 AEST 1986

Does anyone know if the IEEE Signal processing routines, which were
originally written in Fortran, have been rewritten in C?
The routines were published in:
	Programs for Digital Signal Processing
	edited by the Digital Signal Processing Committee,
	IEEE Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing Society,
	IEEE Press 1979
I need to be use these routines on a machine for which I cannot obtain
an (acceptable) fortran compiler, and would particularly like to have
them written in C, since the system to which they must interface is in C.
A rewrite in Pascal would probably also be ok.

Any help at all will be gratefully accepted!

	Martin C. Atkins

usenet: mcvax!ukc!minster!martin
	Dept. of Computer Science
	University of York
	York Y01 5DD

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