HELP needed to declare very large global array

Walter Boese walterb at
Wed Apr 11 01:57:23 AEST 1990

In article <18816 at>, MICHELBI at (Michel Biedermann) writes:
> I am having problems declaring the following array as a global variable
> using QuickC 2.0:
> #define MAX_CHANNELS 6
> #define MAX_SAMPLES 3000
> void main(void)
> {
> /* use data[][] here */
> }
> In the interest of making this a good learning experience, please give me
> both solutions (since my array is > 64K):
> 	1.  Using a small or medium memory model.
> 	2.  Using a huge memory model.

The QC compiler does not handle the huge keyword, this is a CL option
only.  I don't belive that there is a huge model in QC.  I have the full
package - QC and CL compilers.  The CL is an optimizing compiler that can
handle the huge key word as well as huge models.

In the CL compiler you would do the following:
In a small or medium model, declare your data 'float huge data[][]'.
This will work if your data is less than 128k, after that you have to size
your array in powers of 2 or use a huge model.

As for huge model, I believe you don't have to do anything.
I think it should work.

I'm not an expert programmer, but that is how I resolved the problem.

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