Do we need a weekly posting? (Was Re: Is it time for comp.lang.c.dos?)

Raymond Chen raymond at
Thu Apr 12 12:57:57 AEST 1990

In article <+1V2VOAxds13 at> peter at (Peter da Silva) writes:
>We need a periodic posting for comp.lang.c, I fear.

Since I already have a lot of the machinery up and running for the Frequently
Asked Questions for, I figure I'll put my head on the chopping
block once again and volunteer to collect submissions to a periodic posting
for comp.lang.c.

How to send your submission:

In a piece of email, write a question and an answer.  That simple.

Your question/answer pair will be included verbatim; I WILL NOT edit it at all.
Not having served on the ANSI committee, nor having memorized the ANSI 
standard, I don't feel qualified to compose answers.  

The sentence "This answer provided by Your Name (your at email.address)" will
be appended to your answer, unless you specifically request otherwise.


Answers to questions about the C language itself should address both
ANSI-compatibility concerns and generic compatibility concerns.  So
sentences like "ANSI requires XXX, but older compilers might not do it
that way" or "This has always been true; it is not a new feature of
ANSI" should be attached.

Book recommendations should come with full bibliographical information,
including title, author, publisher, publisher's address, and year of
publication.  A price and ISBN number would be nice, but aren't required.


Even if you aren't submitting a question/answer, you can cast your vote
for one of the following:

	[1] File posted in its entirety every week.
	[2] File posted in its entirety every month.
	[3] File posted in its entirety every month, and the table
	    of contents (and instructions on how to get the entire file)
	    posted every week.
	[4] Other periodicity.
	[5] We don't need a periodic frequently-asked questions file.

If category [5] gets the most votes, I won't make a frequently-asked questions
file.  Don't just say "I vote for number 2"; say "I vote to post the file
every month", since I try not to memorize magic numbers.  
raymond at     Maintainer of the csip Frequently Asked Questions

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