Is it time for comp.lang.c.dos?

Peter da Silva peter at
Thu Apr 12 01:53:10 AEST 1990

In article <E0.dz85 at> flee at (Felix Lee) writes:
> Steve Watt <steve at wattres.UUCP> asks:
> >It is called  COMP.SYS.IBM.PC.PROGRAMMER!!!!!!
> >But *why* can't we get people to use it????

> ``I'm having a problem with malloc() in Utah.''

There's nothing wrong with "I'm having a problem with malloc, I'm using
Turbo C, etc...". It's the people who then carry the discussion to a
comparison of the relative merits of Park City and Salt Lake City... I
mean Turbo C and Microsoft C... that are the problem.

We need a periodic posting for comp.lang.c, I fear. And some *polite* form
letters for the folks who ask "what is int86(21), I know it's something to
do with DOS, but..."?
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