MSC 6.0, WIN 3.0, QuickC?

Peter C. Bahrs pcb at
Wed Apr 11 15:30:48 AEST 1990

I too received the upgrade offer for 6.0 from 5.1 for only 125.00?

What about QuickC?  When I purchased 5.0 I received QC and 
later bought QC 2.0?.  I do most of my prototyping in QC.

Does 6.0 come with QC?  If not, will my old QC libs be compatible with
6.0 or vice versa?

By the way, is 6.0 compatible with SDK 2.1, and I guess the SDK for WIN 3.0?  

So it costs $125.00 for C6.0, so let us optimistically say $100.00 for win3.0,
$150.00 for the new SDK (for upgrades).  $375.00 smackers, now if I add how 
much I have already paid for $windos 2.0 , $win386, $SDK 2.0 & $upgrade, 
$C 5.0 & $5.1 upgrade, $QC 2.0...........I should have bought stock in MS! 

Additionally, this new environment probably means that I will add another
10-20 readme, doc, txt files to my collection!

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