MSC 6.0, WIN 3.0, QuickC?

Bob Stout Bob.Stout at
Fri Apr 13 03:26:19 AEST 1990

MSC 6.0 contains a /qc option which obviates the inclusion of QC as a  
development tool. For QC users, MS is releasing QC 2.5 & 2.51 (latter w/QASM).  
Although the core technology is identical with QC 2.0, QC 2.5 incorporates  
changes to make it compatible with MSC 6.0, e.g. ANSI compliance, support  
(even if unimplemented) of new compiler switches, identical header files,  
compatible libraries, inline assembler, etc. For its part, MSC 6.0 includes  
the things QC users are used to, e.g. an IDE in the form of the Programmer's  
Workbench, incremental recompilation and linking, etc. 

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