Proof that Prolog can be faster than C

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Wed Jun 13 20:03:41 AEST 1990

In article <36986 at ucbvax.BERKELEY.EDU> vanroy at pisces.uucp () writes:
>[Stuff about some particular Prolog implementation being faster that some 
>other particular C implementation deleted]
>Disclaimer: this benchmark has a particularly easy translation to C.
>The result does not necessarily hold for other programs.  But don't
>you believe it anymore that Prolog is slow!

This is silly! Haven't you learned yet that no language is faster/slower than
another language - it's the implementation that's faster/slower than that
other implementation. The worst thing I know is people saying things like
C is faster than Pascal, because it isn't. Most C compilers generate faster
code than most Pascal compilers, true, but that's only because C heavily
depends upon (read allows) the programmer to optimize the code while the
Pascal compiler has to figure it all out by itself.

>	Peter Van Roy


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