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    [ discussion of C compiler prices deleted ]

>My personal favorite is Power C from MIX Software.
>	large extensive manual
>	Large Libraries

        [other good stuff deleted]

Just a few comments.  Power C's libraries are almost fully system 5 unix
complient.  I port code btween UNIX and my PC quite often with no problems.

The manual is worth the price of the software.  It cover all the commands well
and provides examples.  it has become my standard C reference guide for
all of my C work.  

>	No fancy graphic user interface ( command line method)

       No problem, in unix we just use 'cc [args]' instead of fancy tools
anyways :) :)

[ disclaimer deleted ]

  I am not a MIX stockholder either.  I just consider Power C and the
library source ($10.00US) to be one the best purchases I've ever
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