C matrix routines

David M Tate dtate at unix.cis.pitt.edu
Sun May 12 07:34:42 AEST 1991

In article <6422 at uafhp.uark.edu> wgj at engr09.uark.edu (William Johnston) writes:
>I have an urgent need for information reguarding matrix manipulation routines in C.
>My primary interest is in freeware and shareware.  However, any information on commercial packages would be appreciated.

Nicus makes a package called Nicus NuTools, which is a remarkably complete
package of matrix/numerical tools in C.  Not only do they provide complete
source code with documentation, but also specialized routines for reading in
and parsing data as text strings, and so on.

As I recall, the package costs about $400.  It runs on the Mac (and probably
some other platforms... I seem to recall something about Sun workstations).

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