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This is the latest in a series of similar comp.std.unix articles,
intended to give summary information about UNIX User groups
and publications; to be accurate, but not exhaustive.
I'm cross-posting it to and comp.unix.questions
because there might be interest there.

There are two related articles, posted at the same time as this one,
and with subjects ``Calendar of UNIX-related Events'' and ``Access to
UNIX-Related Standards.''  The latter is posted only to comp.std.unix.

Corrections and additions to this article are solicited.  I keep track
of the conferences, groups, and publications that I attend, am a member
of, or subscribe to.  All others (the majority of the listings) I derive
either from listings elsewhere, or from contributions by readers.
In particular, the meeting schedules and descriptions of most of the
groups are provided by their members.  If a group doesn't have a
meeting schedule listed, it's because nobody has sent me one.  This is
a low-budget operation:  I publish what I have on hand when the time
comes (approximately monthly).

Recent additions: Sun User Group date and place.  OSF update.

Access information is given in this article for the following:
user groups:	USENIX, /usr/group, EUUG, AUUG, NZUSUGI, JUS, KUUG, AMIX,
		DECUS UNIX SIG, Sun User Group (SUG),
		Apollo DOMAIN Users' Society (ADUS),
		AT&T and Sun V.4 Software Developer Conferences,
		Open Software Foundation (OSF).
newsletters:	;login:, /usr/digest, EUUGN, AUUGN, NUZ
journal:	Computing Systems
magazines:	CommUNIXations, UNIX REVIEW, UNIX/WORLD,
		Multi-User Computing Magazine, UNIX Systems, UNIX Magazine

Telephone numbers are given in international format, i.e., +n at
the beginning for the country code, e.g., +44 is England, +81 Japan,
+82 Korea, +61 Australia, +64 New Zealand, and +1 is U.S.A. or Canada.

UNIX is a Registered Trademark of AT&T.

USENIX is ``The Professional and Technical UNIX(R) Association.''

		USENIX Association
		P.O. Box 2299
		Berkeley, CA 94710
		office at

USENIX sponsors two USENIX Conferences a year, featuring technical papers,
as well as tutorials, and with vendor exhibits at the summer conferences:

	Jan 31-Feb 3 1989 Town & Country Inn, San Diego, CA
	Jun 12-16 1989	Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, MD
	Jan 23-26 1990	Washington, DC
	Jun 11-15 1990	Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, CA
	Jan 22-25 1991	Dallas, TX
	Jun 10-14 1991	Opryland, Nashville, TN

They also sponsor workshops, such as
	Aug 29-30 1988	UNIX Security, Portland, OR
	Sep 26-27 1988	UNIX & Supercomputing, Pittsburgh, PA
	Oct 17-20 1988	C++ Conference, Denver, CO
	Nov 17-18 1988	Large Installation System Administration II, Monterey,CA
	Apr	1989	Software Management, New Orleans, LA

Proceedings for all conferences and workshops are available at
the door and by mail later.

USENIX publishes ``;login:  The USENIX Association Newsletter''
bimonthly.  It is sent free of charge to all their members and
includes technical papers.  There is a USENET newsgroup,, for discussion of USENIX-related matters.

In 1988, USENIX started publishing a new refereed quarterly
technical journal, ``Computing Systems:  The Journal of the USENIX
Association,'' in cooperation with University of California Press.

They also publish an edition of the 4.3BSD manuals and distribute the
2.10BSD software distribution.  They coordinate a software exchange for
appropriately licensed members.  They occasionally sponsor experiments,
such as methods of improving the USENET and UUCP networks (e.g., UUNET),
that are of interest and use to the membership.

There is a USENIX Institutional Representative on the IEEE P1003
Portable Operating System Interface for Computer Environments Committee.
That representative also moderates the USENET newsgroup comp.std.unix,
which is for discussion of UNIX-related standards, especially P1003.
There is also a USENIX Standards Watchdog Committee following several
standards bodies.  For more details, see the posting in comp.std.unix,
``Access to UNIX-Related Standards.''

/usr/group is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the promotion
of products and services based on the UNIX operating system.

		4655 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 200
		Santa Clara, California 95054
		tel: +1-408-986-8840
		fax: +1-408-986-1645

The annual UniForum Conference and Trade Show is sponsored by /usr/group
and features vendor exhibits, as well as tutorials and technical sessions.

	Feb 28-Mar 3 1989 Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
	Jan 23-26 1990	Washington Hilton, Washington, DC
	Jan 22-25 1991	Infomart, Dallas, TX
	Jan 21-24 1992	Moscone Center, San Francisco CA (tentative)

They also sponsor a regional show, UniForum D.C.:

	Aug 2-4 1988	Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C.

Proceedings for all conferences are available at the shows and later
by mail.

/usr/group publishes ``CommUNIXations,'' a member magazine that
features articles by industry leaders and observers, technical issues,
standards coverage, and new product announcements.

/usr/group also publishes the ``UNIX Products Directory,'' which lists
products and services developed specifically for the UNIX operating system.
``/usr/digest'' is also published by /usr/group.  This newsletter covers
product announcements and industry projections, and is sent biweekly
to General members of /usr/group and to non-member subscribers.

/usr/group has long been deeply involved in UNIX standardization,
having sponsored the ``/usr/group 1984 Standard,'' providing an Institutional
Representative to the IEEE P1003 Portable Operating System for Computer
Environments Committee, and sponsoring the /usr/group Technical Committee
on areas that P1003 has not yet addressed.  They have recently produced
an executive summary, ``Your Guide to POSIX,'' and a technical overview
``POSIX Explored,'' and funded production of a draft of a ``Rationale and
Notes'' appendix for IEEE 1003.1.

EUUG is the European UNIX systems Users Group, which is currently
celebrating its tenth anniversary.  EUUG is closely coordinated with
national groups in Europe, and with the European UNIX network, EUnet.

		EUUG secretariat
		Owles Hall
		Herts SG9 9PL
		Telephone +44 763 73039
		Telefax +44 763 73255
		euug at

They have a newsletter, EUUGN (a previous version of this article
appeared in the latest one), and hold two conferences a year:
	3-7 October 1988, Lisbon, Portugal
	April 1989, Brussels, Belgium

AUUG is the Australian UNIX systems Users Group.

		P.O. Box 366
		N.S.W.	2033
		auug at

Phone contact can occasionally be made at +61 3 344 5225

AUUG holds at least one conference a year, usually in the spring
(August or September).  The next one will be in Melbourne on 13-15
September 1988, will be the first three day meeting, will have a larger
equipment exhibition than any before, and will be professionally
organized for the first time.

They publish a newsletter (AUUGN) at a frequency defined to be every 2 months.

The New Zealand UNIX Systems User Group, Inc. (NZUSUGI) has an annual meeting
and publishes a newsletter, ``NUZ.''

		New Zealand UNIX Systems User Group
		P.O. Box 585
		New Zealand

If you wish to present a paper, acceptance of which entitles you to a free
conference registration, please contact the local speakers organiser,
Dr Dick Cooper, ADATA, PO Box 2555, Christchurch, New Zealand,
dick%cantuar at   or ...uunet!vuwcomp!cantuar!dick

If you would just like to attend, please respond to Ray Brownrigg, including
a postal address for the delivery of further information as it becomes
available.  Registration forms are expected to be available in February.

		UUCP: {utai!calgary,uunet}!vuwcomp!dsiramd!ray
		ACSnet:	ray at[@munnari]
		Ray Brownrigg
		Applied Maths Div, DSIR
		PO Box 1335
		New Zealand

The Korean UNIX User Group (KUUG) has a software distribution service
and a newsletter.

		Korean UNIX User Group
		P.O. Box 8
		Daedug Science Town
		Chungnam 300-32
		Republic of Korea

The Japan UNIX Society has two meetings a year, and a newsletter.

		Japan UNIX Society (JUS)
		#505 Towa-Hanzomon Corp. Bldg.
		2-12 Hayabusa-cho
		Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102

1988 Nov 10-11	UNIX Symposium	Osaka, Japan

AMIX - the Israeli UNIX user group, is a S.I.G. of the Israeli Processing
Association (IPA). AMIX has a yearly conference (next one on 4-6 July 1988)
and a yearly workshop (last one was in November).

		AMIX, c/o IPA
		P.O. Box 919
		Israel, 52109
		Tel: 00972-3-715770,715772
		amix at bimacs.bitnet
		amix at

There are similar groups in other parts of the world.  If such a group
wishes to be included in later versions of this access list, they
should please send me information.

There is a partial list of national organizations in the November/December
1987 CommUNIXations.

DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society,
has a UNIX SIG (Special Interest Group) that participates
in its general meetings, which are held twice a year.

		DECUS U.S. Chapter
		219 Boston Post Road, BP02
		Marlboro, Massachusetts  01752-1850

The next DECUS Symposia are:

	Oct 17-21, 1988		Anaheim, California
	May 8-12, 1989		Atlanta, Georgia
	Nov 6-10, 1989		Anaheim, California
	May 7-11, 1990		New Orleans, Louisiana

See also the USENET newsgroup

The Sun User Group (SUG) is an international organization that promotes
communication among Sun users, OEMs, third party vendors, and Sun
Microsystems, Inc.  SUG sponsors conferences, collects and distributes
software, produces the README newsletter and T-shirts, sponsors local
user groups, and communicates members' problems to Sun employees and

	Sun Microsystems User Group, Inc.
	2550 Garcia Avenue
	Mountain View, CA  94043
	+1 415 960 1300
	users at

Their next annual conference is:

1988 Dec 5-7	Fontainebleau Hilton, Miami Beach, Florida

ADUS is the Apollo DOMAIN Users' Society:

	Apollo DOMAIN Users' Society
	c/o Andrea Woloski, ADUS Coordinator
	Apollo Computer Inc.
	330 Billerica Rd.
	Chelmsford, MA 01824
	+1-617-256-6600, x4448

AT&T and Sun Microsystems are holding a series of
Software Developer Conferences on System V Release 4.0,
related to the Sun/AT&T Applications Binary Interface (ABI).

1988 Sep 14-16	New York, NY
1988 Sep 27-29	Los Angeles, CA
1988 Oct 11-13	Tokyo, Japan
1988 Oct 25-27	London, England
1988 Nov  9-11	Boston, MA
1988 Nov 29-Dec 1	Chicago, IL
1988 Dec 13-15	Washington, DC
1988 TBA	Toronto, ON

For more information, call 1-800-387-6100.

The Open Software Foundation (OSF) is a vendor group formed 17 May 1988
by Apollo, Bull, DEC, HP, IBM, Nixdorff, and Siemens, and later joined
by Philips.  Excerpts from a press release of that date:

The Open Software Foundation (OSF) will develop a software environment,
including application interfaces, advanced system extensions, and a new
operating system, using X/Open(tm) and POSIX* specifications as the
starting point. ...  OSF membership is available to computer hardware
and software suppliers, educational institutions, and government
agencies around the world.  ...  The foundation has a management
organization, staff, and a funding comittment in excess of $90 million
to begin immediate operations.  Its initial development will be based
on technologies offered by the members and its own research, to be
carried out worldwide.

A research institute is being created to fund research for the
advancement of applications portability, interoperability standards,
and other advanced technologies for future foundation use.  An
academic advisory panel will provide guidance and input to the
institute.  The Institute's research will be conducted worldwide.

For more information, contact:

	Deborah Siegel
	Cohn & Wolfe


	Larry Lytle or Gary McCormack
	Open Software Foundation
	20 Ballard Way
	Lawrence, MA 01843
The main general circulation (more than 10,000 copies per issue) magazines
specifically about the UNIX system are:

	Miller Freeman Publications Co.	Tech Valley Publishing
	500 Howard Street		444 Castro St.
	San Francisco, CA 94105		Mountain View, CA 94041
	U.S.A.				U.S.A.
	monthly				monthly
	+1-415-397-1881			+1-415-940-1500

	Multi-User Computing magazine	UNIX Systems
	Storyplace Ltd.			Eaglehead Publishing Ltd.
	42 Colebrook Row		Maybury Road
	London  N1 8AF			Woking, Surrey GU21 5HX
	England				England
	+44 1 704 9351			+44 48 622 7661

	UNIX Magazine
	Jouji Ohkubo
	c/o ASCII Corp.
	jou-o at ascii.junet
	fax: +81-3-486-4520
	telex: 242-6875 ASCIIJ

Some of the above information about magazines was taken from the
November/December 1987 issue of CommUNIXations, which also lists
some smaller-circulation magazines and newsletters.

In addition, there is the Journal of the USENIX Association and
the /usr/group member magazine:

	Computing Systems		CommUNIXations
	USENIX Association		/usr/group
	P.O. Box 2299			4655 Old Ironsides Drive, Suite 200
	Berkeley, CA 94710		Santa Clara, California 95054
	U.S.A.				U.S.A.
	quarterly			bimonthly
	+1-415-528-8649			+1-408-986-8840

Finally, Dominic Dunlop <domo at> has pointed out several
publications that frequently include articles about the UNIX system or
the C language.  I've listed them below; the comments after each entry
are his.  I have excluded listings of magazines about specific hardware.

	AT&T Technical Journal
	AT&T Bell Laboratories
	Circulation Dept.
	Room 1K-424
	101 J F Kennedy Parkway
	Short Hills, NJ 07078
	$40/yr (US); $50/yr (overseas)
	+1 201 564-2582
	While few issues are devoted to UNIX,
	most turn out to mention its applications.
	McGraw-Hill Inc.
	Phoenix Mill Lane
	Peterborough, NH 03458
	$22/yr (US); $25/yr(Mex,Can); $37/yr (surface); $69/yr (air,Europe)
	+1 603 924-9281
	Concentrates mainly on personal computers,
	but covers low end of UNIX market in some depth.
	The C Users Journal
	``A service of the C Users Group.''
	R&D Publications Inc
	PO Box 97
	McPherson, KS 67460
	Eight issues per year
	$20/yr (US/Mex/Can); $30/yr (overseas)
	+1 316 241-1065
	Mainly DOS-oriented; some UNIX.
	``The UNIX System Information Source.''
	Infopro Systems
	PO Box 220
	Rescue, CA 95672
	$79/yr (US,overseas); $99/yr (air)
	+1 916 677-5870
	High-quality industry newsletter.
	Emphasis on marketing implications of technical developments.

The following information about bookstores was taken from the
November/December 1987 issue of CommUNIXations.  In the interests of
space, I have arbitrarily limited the selection listed here to those
bookstores or suppliers specifically dedicated to computer books, and
not part of other organizations.

	Computer Literacy Bookshop	UNIX Book Service
	2590 No. First St.		35 Bermuda Terrace
	San Jose, CA 95131		Cambridge, CB4 3LD
	U.S.A.				England
	+1-408-4350-1118		+44-223-313273
	Cucumber Bookshop		Jim Joyce's UNIX Book Store
	5611 Kraft Ave.			47 Potomac St.
	Rockville, MD 20852		San Francisco, CA 94117
	U.S.A.				U.S.A.
	+1-301-881-2722			+1-415-626-7581

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