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John S. Quarterman jsq at longway.TIC.COM
Tue Jul 26 10:14:36 AEST 1988

Peter Salus, USENIX Executive Director, reminds me that the dates
I've been posting for winter USENIX Conferences are all off by one,
because the USENIX Board of Directors decided several meetings ago
to make them all five days long, i.e., Monday through Friday, not
Tuesday through Friday.  Also, there are conferences scheduled for
1992, and at least the month and general location is known for
winter 1993.

The correct dates for all scheduled USENIX Conferences (not including
Workshops nor the C++ Conference) are these:

1989 Jan 30-Feb 3 Town & Country Inn, San Diego, CA
1989 Jun 12-16	Hyatt Regency, Baltimore, MD
1990 Jan 22-26	Washington, DC
1990 Jun 11-15	Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, CA
1991 Jan 21-25	Dallas, TX
1991 Jun 10-14	Opryland, Nashville, TN
1992 Jan 20-24	Hilton Square, San Francisco, CA
1992 Jun 8-12	Marriott, San Antonio, TX
1993 Jan	somewhere in northeast of North America

Also, the dates for the Spring 1989 EUUG are:

1989 Apr 10-14	Brussels, Belgium

Volume-Number: Volume 14, Number 24

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