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From: Steve Carter <uunet!usenix!bellcore!pyuxv!ctsd!slc2>

[ In response to a request for information about the new
POSIX System Administration subcommittee, its chair has sent
this letter.  I don't know what its original date was.  -mod ]

Proposed working group on System Administration
                                                    6 Corporate Place
                                                    Room PYA 1J-254
                                                    NJ  08854
                                                    (201) 699-6732
September 10, 1988

IEEE POSIX 1003 Steering Committee and Working groups

Attached is a copy of the IEEE POSIX System Administration
Standards Project Authorization Request (PAR).  It briefly
describes the scope and purpose of the proposed System
Administration working group.  In order to get this work started,
we need to identify the resources and related activities that we
can utilize.

First, we need to establish the administrative responsibilities
for this group.  Listed below are the names of people who have
indicated an interest in helping in the roles of Chair, Co-chair
and Secretary.  In addition, we are looking for volunteers for
technical editor and technical reviewers.  If you have
recommendations for individuals who could help out in these areas
we would appreciate your input.  This effort will probably have
just one main group.  In general,  the Chair and Co-chair roles
are best served by persons with management experience.  Strong
technical experts are better able to advocate positions as
members rather than from the chair.  There is a slight preference
to have users serve as chairs where we can find supported
candidates.  All of these roles should be supported by the
individual's employeer, since there is a need for attendance, and
also for other activities that take time.  For example,
chairpersons attend IEEE Computer Society Standards Coordinating
Committee (SCC) meetings (two days long, twice a year) and spend
hours preparing documents for secretaries and technical editors.
Identified to date are:

    Chair       Steven Carter   Bellcore
    Co-Chair    Ken Faubel      Apollo Computer, Inc.
    Co-Chair    David Hinnant   Northern Telecom, Inc
    Secretary   Mark Colburn    Analysts International Corp.

Also, we realize that corporations and institutional
representatives may be working on specifications that could be of
use to this effort. If you are aware of a group doing work in
this area that might be able to contribute proposals, please get
that information back to me.  Groups that have been identified so
far include:

                           - 2 -

      /usr/group Performance Metrics       Ram Chelluri
                                           David Hinnant
      National Bureau of Standards (NBS)   Tony Cincotta
      Open Software Foundation (OSF)       Alex Morrow
      Unisys                               Bob Krieger
      USENIX                               John Quarterman
      X/Open                               Michael Lambert

Please send information about prospective administrative
assistance to at least the Technical Committee on Operating
Systems (TCOS) Chair, Joe Boykin, and the TCOS-Standards
Subcommittee Chair, Jim Isaak:

Joe Boykin                    Jim Isaak
Encore Computer Corp          Digital Equipment Corp, ZK03-3/Y25
257 Cedar Hill St.            110 Spitbrook Road
Marlborough, MA 01752         Nashua, NH  03049
uucp:  encore!boykin          uucp:  decvax!isaak
ARPA:  boykin at

Please send information about related efforts and possible
sources for proposals to me, the POSIX System Administration PAR

Steven L. Carter
POSIX System Administration PAR Initiator


Copy (with att.) to
/usr/group Technical Steering Committee
Tony Barrese
Al Hankinson
Dale Harris
Kevin Lewis
John Williams

Institutional Representatives
Heinz Lycklama    /usr/group Institutional Representative to P1003.1
John Quarterman   USENIX Institutional Representative to P1003.1
Mike Lambert      X/Open Chief, Technical Officer
Alex Morrow       OSF Director of Strategic Relations

IEEE POSIX Committee Chairpersons
Jim Isaak          Chair      P1003.1
Donn Terry         Co-Chair   P1003.1
Hal Jespersen      Chair      P1003.2
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                           - 3 -

Copy (with att.) to - contd.
Don Cragun         Co-Chair   P1003.2
Roger Martin       Chair      P1003.3
Carol Raye         Co-Chair   P1003.3
Bill Corwin        Chair      P1003.4
Mike Cossey        Co-Chair   P1003.4
Terence Fong       Chair      P1003.5
Stowe Boyd         Co-Chair   P1003.5
Dennis Steinauer   Chair      P1003.6
Ron Elliott        Co-Chair   P1003.6
Al Hankinson       Chair      P1003.0
Kevin Lewis        Co-Chair   P1003.0

IEEE Computer Society
Paul Borrill       Chair, IEEE CS Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC)
Joe Boykin         Chair, Technical Committee on Operating Systems (TCOS)
Don Fleckenstein   Chair, IEEE Standards Board
Jane Post          Secretary, New Standards Committee
Bob Prichard       Computer Society Secretariat
Helen Wood         VP for Standards

System Administration Interest Group
Allen Barofsky
James C. Bohem
Kevin H. Brady
Sivaram Chelluri
Tony Cincotta
Mark Colburn
Pat Conway
Tom Eisenhart
Ken Faubel
Don Folland
Bob Gambrel
John L. Hill
David Hinnant
Timothy R. Honey
Randall Howard
John Jastrow
Jeff Kimmel
Martin Kirk
Rick Kuhn
Greger Leijonhufvud
Gary W. Miller
Alex Morrow
Martha Nalebuff
Karen L. Sheaffer
Teoman N. Topcubasi
Alix Vasilatos
Andrew E. Wheeler, Jr.

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