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Mon Sep 12 04:02:45 AEST 1988

From: James B. O'Connor <uunet!fsc2086!jim>

I recently started receiving the "UNIX JOURNAL" which is a newsletter from
FourGen Software.  The masthead reads:

The FourGen UNIX Journal is a publication of FourGen Software, Inc.
Subscriptions: $79.95 a year.  Contact: The FourGen UNIX Journal, 7620 242nd
St. S.W., Edmonds. WA 98020-5463.  Telephone: (206) 542-7481.

The subtitle says it is "The Monthly Newsletter for those Developing,
Marketing, or Using UNIX/XENIX Software."

They list a UUCP address of ..!uunet!4gen!info.

I don't know if this qualifies as a "real" UNIX publication, but I thought I
would let you know it's out there.
James B. O'Connor		+1 615 821 4090 x651
Filtration Sciences Corp.      UUCP:  uunet!fsc2086!jim
105 West 45th Street           or      jim at fsc2086.UUCP
Chattanooga, TN 37411

Volume-Number: Volume 15, Number 12

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