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This is a combined calendar of planned conferences, workshops, or standards
meetings related to the UNIX operating system.  Most of this information
came from the various conference organizers, although some was taken from
;login: (USENIX), 14, 4, July/August 1989, CommUNIXations (/usr/group), IX,
4, July/August 1989, and the /usr/group UNIX Resources Guide.

If your favorite meeting is not listed, it's probably because I don't know
about it.  If you send me information on it, I will probably list it both
here and in the appropriate one of the companion articles:
        Access to UNIX User Groups
        Access to UNIX-Related Publications
        Access to UNIX-Related Standards

These articles were originated by John S. Quarterman of TIC, Austin, Texas.
This issue of October 1989 was researched by Susanne W. Smith of Windsound
Consulting, Edmonds, Washington <sws at>.

Changes since last posting: numerous

          APP   Application Portability Profile
            C   Conference or Center
           CC   Computer Communication
        CT&LA   Conformance Testing & Laboratory Accreditation
        G, MD   Gaithersburg, Maryland
            S   Symposium
            T   Tradeshow
            U   UNIX
           UG   User Group
            W   Workshop

USENIX, UniForum, EUUG, AUUG, and DECUS sponsor conferences of the same

UNIX is a Registered Trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

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89/09/01 pg. 2        Calendar of UNIX-Related Events         comp.std.unix

year mon days     conference           (sponsor,) (hotel,) location

1989 Nov 1-3      UNIX EXPO            Javits Conv. C, New York, NY
1989 Nov 6-10     DECUS S              Anaheim, California
1989 Nov 9        NLUUG                De Reehorst, Ede, The Netherlands
1989 Nov 9-10     14th JUS UNIX S      Osaka, Japan
1989 Nov 15       POSIX APP W          NIST, G, MD
1989 Nov 16-17    Graphics Workshop V  USENIX, Monterey, CA
1989 Nov 24       AFUU C               Paris, France
1989 Dec 5-6      JUS UNIX Fair '89    JUS, Tokyo, Japan
1989 Dec 6-8      Sun UG C             Hilton, Anaheim, CA
1989 Dec 8-9      UNIX Asia'89 C       Sinix, World Trade Center, Singapore
1989 Dec 11-15    OSI Implementors W   NIST, G, MD
1989 Dec 11-13    UKUUG C              Cardiff, Wales, UK

1990 Jan 8-12     IEEE 1003               New Orleans, LA
1990 Jan 9-10     U in Gov. C&T           Ottawa, ON
1990 Jan 20-26    DECUS S                 Toronto, Canada
1990 Jan 22-26    USENIX                  Omni Shoreham, Washington, DC
1990 Jan 23-26    UniForum                Washington Hilton, Washington, DC
1990 Feb 6-9      IETF                    IAB, (FSU, Talahassee, FL)
1990 Mar 5-6      X3J11                   New York City, NY
1990 Mar 26-29    DECUS S                 Vasteras, Sweden
1990 Mar 27-30    AFUU C                  Paris, France
1989 Apr 9        POSIX APP W             NIST, G, MD
1990 Apr 9-11     USENIX C++ C            San Francisco, CA
1990 Apr 23-27    EUUG                    Munich, Germany
1990 Apr 23-27    IEEE 1003               Montreal, Quebec
1990 May 1-4      IETF                    IAB, Pittsburgh Supercomputer C, PA
1990 May 7-11     DECUS S                 New Orleans, LA
1990 May 30-Jun 1 UNIX/90 C&T             /usr/group/cdn, Toronto, ON
1990 Jun 11-15    USENIX                  Marriott, Anaheim, CA
1990 Jun 11-13    UKUUG                   London,UK
1990 Jul 9-11     15th JUS S              JUS, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Jul 16-20    IEEE 1003               Danvers, MA
1990 Jul 31-Aug 3 IETF                    IAB, U. Washington, Seattle, WA
1990 Sep 11-14    AUUG C                  Southern Cross, Melbourne, Australia
1990 Oct 22-26    EUUG                    Nice, France
1990 Nov 5-9      10th Internat'l C on CC ICCC, New Delhi, India
1990 Nov 15       POSIX APP W             NIST, G, MD
1990 Nov 15-16    16th JUS S              JUS, Osaka, Japan
1990 Dec 4-5      JUS UNIX Fair '90       JUS, Tokyo, Japan
1990 Dec 10-14    DECUS S                 Las Vegas, NV

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89/09/01 pg. 3        Calendar of UNIX-Related Events         comp.std.unix

1991 Jan 21-25    USENIX               Dallas, TX
1991 Jan 22-25    UniForum             Infomart, Dallas, TX
1991 Feb          U in Gov. C&T        Ottawa, ON
1991 Feb 18-22    DECUS S              Ottawa, Canada
1991 May 20-24    EUUG                 Tromso, Norway
1991 May          U 9x/etc C&T         Toronto, ON
1991 May 6-10     DECUS S              Atlanta, GA
1991 Jun 10-14    USENIX               Opryland, Nashville, TN
1991 Sep 16-20    EUUG                 Budapest, Hungary
1991 Dec 9-13     DECUS S              Anaheim, CA

1992 Jan 20-24    USENIX               Hilton Square, San Francisco, CA
1992 Jan 21-24    UniForum             Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
1992 Spring       EUUG                 Jersey, U.K. (tentative)
1992 May 4-8      DECUS S              Atlanta, GA
1992 Jun 8-12     USENIX               Marriott, San Antonio, TX
1992 Autumn       EUUG                 Amsterdam, Netherlands (tentative)

1993 Jan          USENIX               Town & Country, San Diego, CA
1993 Mar 2-4      UniForum             Washington, D.C.
1993 Jun 21-25    USENIX               Cincinnati, OH

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Volume-Number: Volume 17, Number 49

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