Standards Update, IEEE 1003.1: System services interface

Guy Harris guy at auspex.uucp
Fri Apr 6 03:58:11 AEST 1990

From: guy at auspex.uucp (Guy Harris)

>(``What are split baud rates?'' the American reader is asking.

Which is kind of amusing; they were put into one of the "termios"
section drafts at the suggestion of a Canadian, and the person who
initially put them in there was a US citizen who was quite aware that
UNIX (a system most if not all of whose original creators were also US
citizens) used to support them....

UNIXes with a V7-flavored tty driver (V7 itself, BSD) supported them;
the people who did the S3 tty driver decided not to include support for

It seems that much newer hardware doesn't support them - serial port
chips don't seem to allow the input and output baud rate to be set
separately - but older hardware did.  Do systems sold in Europe have
serial port chips that support split baud rates?

Volume-Number: Volume 19, Number 54

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