Standards Update, IEEE 1003.1: System services interface

Moderator, John S. Quarterman std-unix at longway.TIC.COM
Thu Apr 5 07:50:03 AEST 1990

From: Doug Gwyn <uunet!!gwyn>

>... the P1003.1 working group decided that split baud rates are not
>important enough to require explicit support for them in the standard.

In the original 1003.1 discussions, I recall that we did not want to
MANDATE that different split baud rates be supported, since many
existing systems could not do so, but that we did want to ALLOW them
to be supported in environments that could do so.  Thus a request to
set differing split baud rates may fail (as many almost any I/O
system call), if the hardware or port handler code is not up to it.

If this decision has been changed I'd like to know why.

Volume-Number: Volume 19, Number 72

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