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From: apple!infopro!david (David Fiedler)

Hi. I wanted to send you some updates to the Access to UNIX
Publications message...

	The C Users Journal
	``A service of the C Users Group.''
	R&D Publications Inc
	2120 W. 25th St, Suite B
	^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Now: 2601 Iowa Street, Suite B
	Lawrence, KS  66046-9972
			  ^^^^^^ Now: 66047 (sorry, don't know all 9 digits)
	Eight issues per year
	$20/yr (US/Mex/Can); $30/yr (overseas)
	+1 913 841 1631
	Mainly DOS-oriented; some UNIX.

	``The UNIX System Information Source.''
	Infopro Systems
	PO Box 220
	Rescue, CA 95672
	$79/yr (US,overseas); $99/yr (air)
	+1 916 677-5870
	High-quality industry newsletter.
	Emphasis on marketing implications of technical developments.

	UNIQUE is now published by R&D Publications (above). The contact
	name is Kelly Calvert. I don't know what the price will be.

        bimonthly, the Journal of UNIX/Xenix System Administration
	$32 (1 year) or $79 (2 years, includes the book "UNIX System
	Administration" by Fiedler and Hunter)
	Overseas please add $12/year for airmail postage

David and Susan Fiedler, who previously published Root through their 
company InfoPro Systems, in association with Bruce and Karen Hunter, 
have sold their interest in Root and are no longer associated with the 

Root will now be published by Root Creations, Inc.  owned by Bruce and 
Karen Hunter.  Root Creations, Inc.  has agreed to fulfill all Root 
subscriptions current as of April 5, 1990.  All correspondence regarding 
Root should now be sent to Root Creations, Inc., 632 East Bidwell St., 
Suite 56, Folsom, California 95630.  


	UNIX Video Quarterly
	"...available on VHS videotape that covers products, companies, 
	people, and trade shows in the UNIX industry.  Subscribers can 
	watch hardware and software products being put through their paces, 
	as well as see and hear actual interviews of vendor representatives."
	Charter subscriptions $195/year.

	UNIX Video Quarterly		
	InfoPro Systems
        PO Box 220
        Rescue, CA 95672-0220
        Telex: 151296379 INFOPRO
        FAX: +1-916-677-5873

	The first tape (about 1 hour 18 minutes) is now available.

Volume-Number: Volume 19, Number 69

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