Latest Groups within IEEE Posix Committee?

Dave Taylor taylor at limbo.Intuitive.Com
Thu Apr 12 04:23:26 AEST 1990

From: Dave Taylor <taylor at limbo.Intuitive.Com>

I recently heard that there are a whole bunch of new P1003.xx
committees that have been formed, and would like to find out what
the current state of the overall Posix effort is...

Ideally, I'd like to get the following for each of the committees:

	name & number of the committee


	organizer, including email address 

For example:


	  Purpose is standardizing realtime extentions to Posix/Unix

	  John Gertwagen of Lachman Associates Inc is chair.

Thanks for whatever you can supply me!

						-- Dave Taylor
Intuitive Systems
Mountain View, California

taylor at    or   {uunet!}{decwrl,apple}!limbo!taylor

Volume-Number: Volume 19, Number 55

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