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In article <11180 at cs.utexas.edu> you write:
|> From:  willcox at urbana.mcd.mot.com (David A Willcox)
|> Here's what's in 1003.2 (Draft 10).  This is more than just
|> "proposed", it is very close to an approved standard.  (There
|> certainly will be very few changes to this list.)  Note that 1003.2 is
|> targeted to shell scripts, NOT to interactive users, so no more (pg,
|> less or whatever), vi, or such.
|> 	awk
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I didn't see "ld" in your posting  Did you forget it or is there really
no POSIX spec for "ld".   If there is, I would be interested to know if
"ld -A" (loading to an executing program) will be in the spec.


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