POSIX tools list?

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Tue Aug 14 12:56:00 AEST 1990

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Does anyone have easily available a list of what tools are being
proposed for the POSIX standard?  Is there a reason for this list
not to contain requirements for certain standard shell tools which
are not necessarily a part of the 4.2 BSD/ System V.3 or before
universe?  For instance, perl is quite popular tool which appears
to be very useful for the same types of things for which  sed & awk are used.

Is perl on the list of standard tools for a POSIX environment?  If
not, is there a set of criteria being used other than existing practice
(while no one is specifically shipping perl that I am aware of, it
is running on many, if not most, types of Unix, as well as there being
efforts for its presence under a number on non-Unix OSs I believe).
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