Report on ISO POSIX meeting of October 1990

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Mon Nov 19 22:09:57 AEST 1990

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In article <14723 at> fkittred at (Fletcher Kittredge)
> How can I get copies of draft versions of the POSIX 1003.x standards?
> I am particularly interested in the 1003.4[ab] draft.  I am a member
> of the IEEE.

The contact for IEEE TCOS mailings is

	Charles Habermann
	NAPS International
	117 Mackubin Street, Suite 6
	St. Paul, MN 55102
	+1 (612) 224-9299 (voice)
	+1 (612) 222-2924 (fax)
	cjh at

I suggest that you contact him, and he should send you a form to be
filled out and returned, together with payment, to the IEEE.  The idea
is that you pay in advance for 500 page units of mailing at $30 each.
Subscribers do not have to be IEEE members.  Overseas subscribers must
pay an additional $400 for express delivery independent of how many or
few units that they pay for.  (This has always struck me as a rather
strange approach -- why not just bump up the cost of each unit if
express delivery is required?)

The form allows one to specify the groups (1003.x, 1201,z, 1224, 1238)
in which one is interested, and whether one wants to receive all
paperwork or just draft standards.

I am not aware of any way in which individual drafts can be obtained.
I suspect that that's what Fletcher really wants.
Dominic Dunlop

Volume-Number: Volume 22, Number 27

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