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Donn Terry donn at hpfcrn.fc.hp.com
Thu Nov 15 04:52:43 AEST 1990

Submitted-by: donn at hpfcrn.fc.hp.com (Donn Terry)

1) With respect to the question from Sean Fagan about symbolic links.
   All this is (supposedly, anyway) answered in the new version of
   pathname resolution in 2.3.  Net result: it always follows the symlink.
   (The mental model is that instead of an i-number in a directory entry,
   you could have a name which is the body of the symbolic link.)

2) With respect to the question from "Cazier": POSIX.1 is completely silent
   about a shell, except to the extent that it brings in Standard C by
   reference, and Standard C refers to system().  (And the C definition
   of system() doesn't say much!)  POSIX.1 is strictly from the C-language
   (currently) API point of view.

Donn Terry
(Speaking personally and only for myself.)

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