Internationalization in POSIX

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Fri Mar 22 19:51:08 AEST 1991

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I am writing up some work on a multi-lingual user interface to a piece
of software used in a non-UNIX environment.  I am aware that some work on
internationalization was been done within POSIX, but most of my available
references are several years old.  The version of Ultrix that we run at
this site has support for this kind of thing via library calls to
functions such as:
	catopen, catclose, catgets, and catgetmsg
and some tools to produce catalogs and translations from existing source
	gencat, trans, and extract

What I am asking is, do these facilities reflect the current POSIX way of doing
things, and, if so, are catalog manipulating tools part of the standard, too?
Any recent references to use of these features in practice would also be

David Barnes

Volume-Number: Volume 23, Number 16

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