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John S. Quarterman jsq at
Tue Mar 5 06:22:16 AEST 1991

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The first article in the newsgroup comp.std.unix (then known as mod.std.unix)
was posted 25 June 1985.  Members of the IEEE P1003 standards committee
(there was only one such committee back then) had requested that the new
newsgroup be moderated to avoid the noise level seen on other newsgroups.
To date there has been only one moderator, me.  However, I would like to
thank all those who have served from time to time as guest moderators,
particularly John B. Chambers and Fletcher Mattox.

As noted in previous postings, I have decided to retire as moderator.
Subsequent to my posting of 31 January 1991 calling for volunteers to
be moderator, six people came forward by the deadline of 15 February
(and a couple of others said they would volunteer if nobody else
did).  The last to definitely volunteer by the deadline was Chuck
Karish, who, by the rules I had stated, then proceeded to determine
which of the volunteers was to become moderator.  He chose to do this
by discussions among the volunteers for the position.

I have been informed by both Chuck and by Sean Eric Fagan that Sean was
chosen by the withdrawals from candidacy of all the other volunteers.
Chuck announced this result in his posting to the newsgroup of 26 February.
He also announced

	If I don't hear anything within a week of the time I see this
	posting come back from John, I'll send an announcement to
	news.announce.newgroups that the reins have been shifted.

While I have deliberately given no advice as to who should be moderator
or how the new moderator should run the newsgroup, and I deliberately
did not participate in the decision process by which Sean was chosen
from among the six candidates, I would nonetheless like to assert that
the procedure outlined above was as I had requested.

I have seen no objections to Sean Eric Fagan being the new moderator of
comp.std.unix.  Unless I see some or Chuck Karish <karish at>
informs me that he has seen some, I will post the final article in
comp.std.unix Volume 22 before midnight CST Wednesday 6 March 1991.
Sean Eric Fagan will take over Thursday as moderator of comp.std.unix.
He is already in the aliases std-unix at (postings) and
std-unix-request at (comments), and has apparently decided to
keep those aliases, so there should be no lost submissions.

The outgoing moderator hopes the new moderator has a successful newsgroup.

John S. Quarterman
jsq at
fax: +1-512-320-5821
Texas Internet Consulting
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Volume-Number: Volume 22, Number 136

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