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Peter Salus peter at
Sat Mar 2 01:37:47 AEST 1991

Submitted-by: peter at (Peter Salus)

In article <18184 at> karish at (Chuck Karish) writes:
>Submitted-by: karish at (Chuck Karish)
>After withdrawals from candidacy by all the other volunteers,
>Sean Eric Fagan (seanf at is the provisional replacement
>moderator for com.std.unix.
>If there's any objection to simply accepting him as the new moderator
>by acclamation, please speak up now, either by posting or by E-mail to
>me (karish at 

I don't object to Sean, I just want to know why.  I earlier posted 
a request as to the reasoning behind having a moderator at all.
I received a response citing .wizards as an instance of a group 
that went out of control.  But I note that the other std groups 
aren't moderated (e.g. international, c, mumps) and that they have 
not gone berzerk.  


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