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Wed Mar 6 06:11:16 AEST 1991

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John S. Quarterman writes:
> The first article in the newsgroup comp.std.unix (then known as mod.std.unix)
> was posted 25 June 1985. [...]
> To date there has been only one moderator, me.  However, I would like to
> thank all those who have served from time to time as guest moderators,
> particularly John B. Chambers and Fletcher Mattox.
> As noted in previous postings, I have decided to retire as moderator.

I, and I expect many others on the net, would like to express my thanks to
John for the work he has done over nearly six years in this newsgroup.

In that time the group has been valuable in raising public awareness in the
standards process, providing wide, easy and rapid access to pertinent 
information, and providing a forum for much valuable discussion of standards

Many people have made contributions to the group, but John has held it

Thank you!

Peter Barnes  pdb at
Secretary, AUUG Inc.

Volume-Number: Volume 22, Number 139

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