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>The first article in the newsgroup comp.std.unix (then known as mod.std.unix)
>was posted 25 June 1985.  Members of the IEEE P1003 standards committee
>(there was only one such committee back then) had requested that the new
>newsgroup be moderated to avoid the noise level seen on other newsgroups.
>To date there has been only one moderator, me.  However, I would like to
>thank all those who have served from time to time as guest moderators,
>particularly John B. Chambers and Fletcher Mattox.
>As noted in previous postings, I have decided to retire as moderator.

As someone who has read nearly every posting in this group since 
early in 1986, I would like to publically and formally express 
my gratitude and appreciation for all John has done, for the 
standards and the UNIX communities.

John, we will miss you.

The difference between practice and theory in practice is always
greater than the difference between practice and theory in theory. 

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